For Family, Friends & Acquaintances – I ask your help

My business partner Peter Viliesis and I have worked for over three years to develop a unique planning system for business owners. It is now time to get the word out to a broader audience and we decided to start with friends, family and acquaintances. It will be nice to know you will at least give a listen because sometimes it just feels like we are shouting into the wind. This is the nature of startups.

We named the system Business Value Protection Planning.

The amazing thing is we have not been able to find anyone out there who has taken this type of approach to help business owners in the way we designed the planning system. It is different from our original vision but it is more accurate to say what we created was more of a series of evolutionary leaps as we gained insight into how business owners think and what they truly need.

The business owner is the hero of the story.

We invite business owners into a story when we work with them where they are the hero of the story and they have a problem. Our role in the story is we are simply guides, we offer a plan to help them solve their problem and avoid failure. In Star Wars Luke Skywalker is the hero and Yoda is the guide.

Rather than make you suffer through several descriptive pages of I’ve created a few short (under 2 minute) videos stored in the world of YouTube. They describe the basis and the foundation of what we do. We designed the planning system to be simple yet it is sophisticated. These can be shared with anyone and I hope if you have questions or suggestions you will speak up, let us know where we can improve.

Business owners who apply the principles of Business Value Protection Planning will be far better off than they are now even if they use them separate from our direct help.

The hero’s journey starts with one simple pie chart. Here is the playlist of videos……….

Do Good Coffee

PLEASE pass this along and please support if you live in the Seattle area. Street Bean reopened today and they are ready to make your coffee order and let you choose a treat. Currently open Monday to Saturday 8 AM to 2 PM. This will change over time.

From the Street Bean website – Young people need more than just a job to move beyond street life; the need the opportunity to form a new identity and the chance to discover who they are and can become.

Yes I am also the proud dad to my son-in-law Sean the Director of Operations for Street Bean. He is dedicated to giving kids a chance and works alongside many others.

Learn more –


Wow, this is a word for today right? Courage, I sure feel like I could use some. For many of us it may feel like we could use some courage just to get out of bed in the morning. So much easier to pull up the covers and forget the world for a day, a week or for months.

When I formed my list of words to explore during this time of COVID – 19 courage wasn’t one I jotted down and I am not sure why. Just an oversight I suppose. Today the word courage puts images in our head of the firefighter running into the burning building or the first responders of 9/11. But this is not what the word originally meant.

Brené Brown talks about courage. The original definition was, ”To tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.” In Latin Courage meant “of the heart.”

Courage means you are going to have to get vulnerable and admitting and telling people you need help. Courage is the ability to admit you are afraid. I’ll tell you straight up, I am afraid and I worry about what is to come.

Tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.

Note – If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing Brené Brown she is worth taking the time to get to know wether it is via YouTube, her books or podcasts. If you can’t find her shoot me a note and I will get you some links.


This is a utility word. To persist means to continue to do something, to continue to try. If you persist you have not given up. As the fatigue of the isolation, the uncertainty and the tension sets in really all we can do is to continue to persist.

Early in my career in the insurance business I was told, “Plan your work and work your plan.” There is always the temptation to just give up. Take it one day at a time and persist. In another post, in fact the first post, I focused on the word “help.” Sometimes what we need to enable us to persist is to ask for help. Help because we need some encouragement to go on.

Start by doing one thing that you can do everyday. Don’t try to do everything because that is overwhelming. Persist in doing one thing. Stay focused and persist. If you need the encouragement to persist in something you know you need to be doing you can call me.

206-605-4695 Talk/Text – Forward Together


Scrolling through social media yesterday I paused to take in a video compilation of Stephen Curry. The video focused on Curry’s movement on the court when he did not have the ball. He’s fun to watch when he’s dropping bombs outside of the 3 Point line, it is a thing of beauty. Even more beautiful is that movement when he does not have the ball. He never stops and after passIng the ball off he’s gliding to an open spot ready to receive the ball back.

Face it, we all want the ball and right now it feels like the ball is not in our hands with no chance of getting it passed to us. Crazy times. We can just decide to stand around and wait or we can create some movement. Movement can take many forms. It can be working on relationships, learning something new, encouraging others or just catching up on tasks long put off.

Movement might also keep us sane. Even if the ball isn’t in our hands right now it is the movement of this moment that will better our chances to emerge from this time ready to face the next challenges.

This is true for our personal and professional and professional lives. It is a great skill to have.

Enjoy the video!

Community Part 1

I walked into a local craft brewery to buy a couple bottles of brew and to show my support. Only the owner was there.

For the record there was no contact, quite a bit of wiping down. I feel much safer there than in the grocery story.

I asked Craig how he was holding up. He said had to lay off all the staff, his business is down 90% and he spent four hours working on appealing unemployment claims that were denied when the employees filed. He was very grateful I came in. I can’t buy much from him. I am only one person.

It remains to be seen what kind of financial support his small business will receive. I know he has a family. He used to be a full time attorney and for several years has put his heart and soul into the brewery.

I miss the employees too. It is a great group of people all enthusiastic, each bringing a passion to the tap room.

This is a bad time to be shut, the spring is when business starts to pick up in normal times after the winter lull. It’s a great spot with great outdoor seating with a great view. It’s always busy. He said today was dead. He didn’t know why. We both hoped it wasn’t because people were starting to get fatigued.

He was very grateful I came in to support his place. You could see it in his eyes. I said I wanted him to know I care.



This word might just be harder to understand than completing the New York Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle. I woke up this morning with this sense that I wanted my life to have meaning. I wanted my family and friends to know they have meaning. But what does that mean. Do you see my dilemma?

My mother says she feels hot and I need to figure out what she means. Words have different meanings so we need to figure out in which context those words are used.

I started out thinking about how I wanted to live my life out in a meaningful way. When I looked up the definition of meaning the definitions wandered in and out of nuance. It can be related to intent, purpose or significance, other words to explore.

In this time of trouble many will be unable to provide for their families. Does this diminish their meaning in this world?

The greatest philosophers in this world have wrestled with the concept of meaning. If I had to boil it down to one idea it is this, in order for anyone’s life to have meaning they need at least one other person. That is the start of a life that has meaning.

A Message to Business Owners

May 23, 2020

There are no answers to be found here today. Just about every business owner on the planet is going to have to wait for answers due to all of the uncertainty created by Covid-19. We are all at least a little scared. We are concerned for our family, our employees, our partners and our customers. We know people are going to get hurt and may never recover physically, mentally and financially. 

We are in this together and we hope there will be a time when the virus is behind us and we can start on the work of rebuilding and recovery.

But right now we know there are businesses that are closing their doors, laying off workers and it is causing incredible emotional pain. People are losing their jobs, income, insurance, homes and security. More emotional pain. It would be unhealthy to deny this right now. Nothing is normal.

While we cannot solve the immediate pain we can do our best AND we can start to prepare for our collective rebuilding. This is what I will be focusing on for maybe the rest of my life. Whoever we are today I know we must be better tomorrow. We must be the best that we can be. This is our time. If we step up, perhaps those that come after us will consider us to be another “Greatest Generation.”