A Message to Business Owners

May 23, 2020

There are no answers to be found here today. Just about every business owner on the planet is going to have to wait for answers due to all of the uncertainty created by Covid-19. We are all at least a little scared. We are concerned for our family, our employees, our partners and our customers. We know people are going to get hurt and may never recover physically, mentally and financially. 

We are in this together and we hope there will be a time when the virus is behind us and we can start on the work of rebuilding and recovery.

But right now we know there are businesses that are closing their doors, laying off workers and it is causing incredible emotional pain. People are losing their jobs, income, insurance, homes and security. More emotional pain. It would be unhealthy to deny this right now. Nothing is normal.

While we cannot solve the immediate pain we can do our best AND we can start to prepare for our collective rebuilding. This is what I will be focusing on for maybe the rest of my life. Whoever we are today I know we must be better tomorrow. We must be the best that we can be. This is our time. If we step up, perhaps those that come after us will consider us to be another “Greatest Generation.”

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