About Doug

This website was created several years ago and it gave me the opportunity to learn about web development and content. It sat idle for quite some time as I drifted off to other projects and pursuits. Well as of March 2020 I have circled back in the middle of a very different time for our communities, our country and our world.

Who will I be when the current crises is stabilized? I must be better than I am now. We all must be better. Change is not easy but it is now more important than ever.

My full name is John Douglas Marshall. Family tradition is to use our middle name therefore I go by Doug and I sign my name J. Douglas Marshall.

My company sPlan5 works with business owners to help them value and protect their company. In 2019 I formed a partnership with Peter Viliesis and this company The Executive Benefits Guy. Together we are Marshall+Viliesis. Our separate companies remain as a part of the new partnership. Together Peter and I are better positioned to deliver results to business owners with speed and accuracy.

This blog will probably be an ongoing learning experience about the art of blogging and community.  Keep checking in…..  Thank you – Doug

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