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Critical Race Theory

If you can read this Twitter thread it is worth taking a few minutes. Click on the picture and it should take you to the entire thread for 22 lessons on Critical Race Theory.

Mother’s Day – May 2021

Everyone has a Mother and everyone knows a Mother. More than 100 Billion humans have been born in the world’s history. It still takes nine months and it still takes years before the child is able to survive without assistance. The world has changed greatly but motherhood has stayed the same.

It is a good day to reflect. My kids have a Mom who worked hard to get it right. My three grandkids have two awesome Moms. Proud of them all and all they do.

My Mom on her 89th Birthday
Dad with his Mom Lilian
Mom with her Mom Marion
My Mom with Aunt Anne Mom to J. Bruce and J. Paul

Paul – Three Years Now

Paul loved his friends and loved being with them. He loved playing golf and eating with them. Paul’s friends loved him and he made us feel a bit better when we were with him or simply hearing his voice on a phone call. Knowing he had great friends takes a little of the edge off from the hurt of missing him. His smile was genuine and his laugh infectious, you could hear it from many rooms away.

Some of these pictures were taken at TPC Sawgrass in Florida. Paul loved this trip to play in a tournament benefiting The Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This year The Players Championship, played at TPC Sawgrass, ends on Sunday March 14, the three year anniversary of Paul’s passing. I am reminded of how much he enjoyed being with people he loved.

Enjoy the pictures and the reminder of his smile. I can hear his laugh just looking at these. If you have photos you would like to share please sent them to me and I will add them. Jdougmar@gmail.com

December 26, 2020

When I was young the day after Christmas was a downer of a day. It meant the thrill of the season was far away. Right after Thanksgiving I entered into the start of three separate seasons. The first was the short time from Thanksgiving to the first day of December and the beginning of Advent, the start of the Christmas Season. Then there was the twenty four days leading up to Christmas Day ending on Christmas Eve. And finally there was Christmas Day and in just twenty four hours it was all over.

I anticipated Christmas more than any other day of the year, even more than I anticipated my birthday. Every birthday you have represents change and moving on. Christmas is about renewal.

Anticipation is a complicated feeling/emotion. Anticipation can get you into trouble because it can be the cause of great disappointment. It can also get you into trouble because it causes anxiety. The anticipation of Christmas for me has largely been positive.

A Christmas Story – The Broken Record

One of my favorite records growing up in New York City was A Christmas Carol. As you can see from the cover it was Narrated by Basil Rathbone. I just about wore the record out and one day the record was lying on my bed out of its cover and brother Scott caught the edge of it when he was swinging his belt buckle and a little piece broke off. I was devastated and I missed listening to it.

Those who know me know this is one of my favorite stories.

A Christmas Carol
The second record

Years later in my late 50’s I received a large envelope in the mail from my cousin Paul Thompson. In it was the record. Somehow he had found it online, purchased and sent it to me. I don’t know when I even told him the story of the broken record. Looking at the cover brought back wonderful memories. It looked like the outside envelope had not been “handled with care” and when I pulled the record from the sleeve it had a piece missing in just about the same place and shape as the one which been broken in the late 1960’s. I never got to listen to this record because it too was damaged but I was always amazed Paul remembered the story and found it for me. I doubt he knew it was the same version from my childhood when he purchased it.

Generous Work

In Seth Godin’s new book “The Practice – Shipping Creative Work” he has a section called Generous with 45 short chapters. Seth has long written and spoken about doing generous work. There is something about “generous” which demands some study and attention. You can be generous with your time and money and you can generously listen and try to understand what someone needs.

If you want to make a change in the world and I hope everyone does you first need to be generous. What problem do you want to solve? What changes are you trying to make? It seems to me very few great things are done where someone asks for payment in advance. This is being generous. If you are looking to change the world you might find the best way to accomplish this is to share an idea with someone else. It does put you in a position of vulnerability. The person might take the idea and run off with it. But keeping the idea to yourself might be selfish.

Make something to help improve someone or something. Then generously share it. You will get paid but there is risk.

Christmas Gift 1966

My Mom Nancy Marshall created and gave gifts to her Mother and Mother in Law Christmas of 1966. Her Mom was Marion Irene Hodges (Duffet – Maiden name) and Martha Lilian Marshall (Veall – Maiden Name) was my Dad’s Mom. Dad’s Mom went by her middle name Lilian. They were two personalized collages. Thought the family might enjoy a look at these while they are still around.

Marion Hodges

You will notice a predominant New England here.

This was soon after my grandfather died. They had moved from Marblehead to Harwich on Cape Cod when Grampy retired a couple years earlier.

Lilian Marshall

After the Veall sisters sailed over from England in the 1920’s, if I remember correctly, she settled in Toronto.

My only Aunt, Anne Thompson has compiles quite a bit of Marshall and Veall history and has gifted this work to her children.

Because it is not easy to see all the detail I added some close ups in a slideshow format.

Words for 2021 – Business

My business partner Peter Viliesis and I have a clear focus going into 2021 after this rather different year. In order to stay on track we’ve created a list of words to remind us of our mission. Here it goes in random order:

  • Generous
  • Goal
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Constraints
  • Tension
  • Generous
  • Partnership
  • Story
  • Empathy
  • Trust
  • Plan
  • Connection
  • Action
  • Protect
  • Value
  • Transformation
  • Collaboration
  • Process
  • Principles
  • Clarity
  • Simple

Each of these words has an important part in the overall business plan. I put this list here first on the personal website using my non business persona to get it out and to document it for myself. There are more we could add but for now this will do.

Two Books – Instant Replay

There are books I read which leave me empty. Not because they were not good, because I simply did not want them to end. On occasion I have remedied this sense of loss by flipping the pages to the beginning and reading it all over.

John Steinbeck’s The Pearl is one of those books. I remember coming to the end and asking myself, “What did I just read?” I wanted to remain in La Paz and was not ready to leave Kino, Juana and Coyotito. Steinbeck took me to a places I was not ready to leave.

I Heard the Owl Call My Name is a lesser known book written by Margaret Craven. It had the same effect on me as The Pearl did. Her first novel published in 1967 in her mid 60’s, the setting is Kingcome in British Columbia where First Nation people have lived for thousands of years. This is where Mark Brian, a young vicar is sent by the Bishop.

Even today as I think about these books I feel the profound sense of loneliness, starting deep inside me after just a few pages in. The loneliness I found in these books has never resolved itself when I return to their pages.