Musicradio 77 WABC

How did my mind wander here and back to my early years in New York City? The guilty party is Lisa Jenness. Her husband Mike does the work on my two E Bikes. The other day Lisa decides she would like to get an insight into the history of my musical tastes with one of those “I nominate you to…..” threads on Facebook. It did start me to thinking about my early years and music.

This may have been the first record I ever owned. I remember playing this over and over on my 45 record player.

Thinking of this reminded me of always listening to Musicradio 77 WABC. It was the top 40 station in New York City. Mom and Dad did not listen to this station.

So I will give you a few links if you would like to reminisce about those not so peaceful times. The links below after The NY Times article are lists for the top hits of 1967 to 1972. The songs, the artists. Memories! Who can forget Gary Lewis and the Playboys singing “Sealed With a Kiss?” – So we gotta say goodbye for the summer…..

Enjoy! And thank you Lisa!

Chronos & Kairos

Greek words for time. One measures time in minutes, the other measures in moments.

When we are born we are given Chronos time. My Father was given 43 Million minutes and a few more. Paul my cousin was given not quite 28 Million.

All of my memories of Dad and Paul are captured and held by Kairos time, the moments. I’ve nothing more to add to this observation. Just tossing this out to everyone. Stay safe!

Super Moon

When Paul and I drove to see the eclipse in Madras, OR it was an interesting time. Many entertaining people present. When I see a full moon I always think that the position of the moon is on the opposite side of the earth in relation to the sun than it was during the eclipse. I always think of that day pretty much anytime I look at the moon.

This picture, taken of a sign in Madras, given the current world situation might add a bit more perspective. Very clever!


Wow, this is a word for today right? Courage, I sure feel like I could use some. For many of us it may feel like we could use some courage just to get out of bed in the morning. So much easier to pull up the covers and forget the world for a day, a week or for months.

When I formed my list of words to explore during this time of COVID – 19 courage wasn’t one I jotted down and I am not sure why. Just an oversight I suppose. Today the word courage puts images in our head of the firefighter running into the burning building or the first responders of 9/11. But this is not what the word originally meant.

Brené Brown talks about courage. The original definition was, ”To tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.” In Latin Courage meant “of the heart.”

Courage means you are going to have to get vulnerable and admitting and telling people you need help. Courage is the ability to admit you are afraid. I’ll tell you straight up, I am afraid and I worry about what is to come.

Tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.

Note – If you have not had the pleasure of experiencing Brené Brown she is worth taking the time to get to know wether it is via YouTube, her books or podcasts. If you can’t find her shoot me a note and I will get you some links.


My friend! I am back in that part of the dusky day, leaving the light behind heading into the night. The days are quiet now. We sit alone in our thoughts. What would I say to you on the phone today? Happy Birthday doesn’t quite seem right with all the trouble around us. We would talk about our concern for our family and friends. We would speculate about life after the virus. You would tell me you vision for your church knowing what we know now.

You would have many calls today, wishing you well. Yes they would be calling you for your birthday and they would also be calling with the hope that the sound of your voice could give them some hope and a smile. That would be your gift to them.

Happy Birthday just doesn’t seem the most appropriate thing to say. If you were alive I would call today and say “I am grateful for you.” I would say “Thank you.”

Paul Thompson would have been 55 today on April 5, 2020. There are many people who could use his smile, his laugh, his love and his encouragement today. Be safe, be smart.


This is a utility word. To persist means to continue to do something, to continue to try. If you persist you have not given up. As the fatigue of the isolation, the uncertainty and the tension sets in really all we can do is to continue to persist.

Early in my career in the insurance business I was told, “Plan your work and work your plan.” There is always the temptation to just give up. Take it one day at a time and persist. In another post, in fact the first post, I focused on the word “help.” Sometimes what we need to enable us to persist is to ask for help. Help because we need some encouragement to go on.

Start by doing one thing that you can do everyday. Don’t try to do everything because that is overwhelming. Persist in doing one thing. Stay focused and persist. If you need the encouragement to persist in something you know you need to be doing you can call me.

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