My friend! I am back in that part of the dusky day, leaving the light behind heading into the night. The days are quiet now. We sit alone in our thoughts. What would I say to you on the phone today? Happy Birthday doesn’t quite seem right with all the trouble around us. We would talk about our concern for our family and friends. We would speculate about life after the virus. You would tell me you vision for your church knowing what we know now.

You would have many calls today, wishing you well. Yes they would be calling you for your birthday and they would also be calling with the hope that the sound of your voice could give them some hope and a smile. That would be your gift to them.

Happy Birthday just doesn’t seem the most appropriate thing to say. If you were alive I would call today and say “I am grateful for you.” I would say “Thank you.”

Paul Thompson would have been 55 today on April 5, 2020. There are many people who could use his smile, his laugh, his love and his encouragement today. Be safe, be smart.

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