The Real Work

Look in the mirror. This is where the real work of change starts. I stand looking at myself. I did not choose the family I was born into. I did not choose the color of my skin. Did not choose where I was born or the economics of my birth. I was born free. None of these things defined me when I was born, they were simply the circumstances of my birth. It truly does not matter now. Today is what today is and the person in the mirror is the sum of millions of little decisions along the way.

Who is my family? Who are my friends? What am I a part of? What do I choose?

In the mirror I see someone who is profoundly human yet just one of billions. My work is in the mirror. I may only have one tomorrow but I know I have today. And the mirror only reflects today. This is where the real work of change starts.

Pain of a Preacher – June 7, 2020

I do not know Jim Lane. He is the Associate Pastor of Hope Covenant Church. My much loved cousin Paul Thompson pastored Hope Covenant for a short time before cancer took him from us. From time to time I check in online to see how Hope is doing and to listen to a sermon if the topic seems interesting. With the country in protest I was curious about the message for June 7, 2020.

This is about as raw a message I’ve heard of late. Jim is openly struggling with his own inadequacies to address the hate of racism. He also knows there are some members of the congregation who will be offended by the message.

I am a vocal critic of the shortcomings of the Christian Church. At the same time there are those messages coming from some corners of our country worth listening to. In my humble opinion this is one of them.

We need to listen to black people to understand their pain and suffering. This message will encourage you to do this. It will encourage you to start to do the work we all need to do in our lives and our hearts.

Jim, thank you for this message.

Jim Lane – Hope Covenant Church – Chandler, AZ

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Do Good Coffee

PLEASE pass this along and please support if you live in the Seattle area. Street Bean reopened today and they are ready to make your coffee order and let you choose a treat. Currently open Monday to Saturday 8 AM to 2 PM. This will change over time.

From the Street Bean website – Young people need more than just a job to move beyond street life; the need the opportunity to form a new identity and the chance to discover who they are and can become.

Yes I am also the proud dad to my son-in-law Sean the Director of Operations for Street Bean. He is dedicated to giving kids a chance and works alongside many others.

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