Community Part 1

I walked into a local craft brewery to buy a couple bottles of brew and to show my support. Only the owner was there.

For the record there was no contact, quite a bit of wiping down. I feel much safer there than in the grocery story.

I asked Craig how he was holding up. He said had to lay off all the staff, his business is down 90% and he spent four hours working on appealing unemployment claims that were denied when the employees filed. He was very grateful I came in. I can’t buy much from him. I am only one person.

It remains to be seen what kind of financial support his small business will receive. I know he has a family. He used to be a full time attorney and for several years has put his heart and soul into the brewery.

I miss the employees too. It is a great group of people all enthusiastic, each bringing a passion to the tap room.

This is a bad time to be shut, the spring is when business starts to pick up in normal times after the winter lull. It’s a great spot with great outdoor seating with a great view. It’s always busy. He said today was dead. He didn’t know why. We both hoped it wasn’t because people were starting to get fatigued.

He was very grateful I came in to support his place. You could see it in his eyes. I said I wanted him to know I care.


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