March 27, 2020

Yesterday I picked up a couple bottles of beer from a local Craft Brewery I support (see yesterday’s post). That visit left me with a helpless feeling that grew into the evening and one that I woke up with. Helpless because there is no way that I can help that Brewery survive. I do not have the financial resources nor the capacity to consume enough beer to make a difference.

We like to think that one person can make a difference, one person can change things. This really is not true. One person can start things, that is true. But it takes people coming together to change things, to fix things.

Perhaps this is going to be one of the greatest awakenings of our conscious mind, the understanding that world wide recovery will require all of us to come together as friends, family, communities, nations and as humans.

It should be understood, together is hard and there is good together, bad together and meaningless together. We need to start thinking about how we can move forward together. This is the way 😎 !

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