Christmas Gift 1966

My Mom Nancy Marshall created and gave gifts to her Mother and Mother in Law Christmas of 1966. Her Mom was Marion Irene Hodges (Duffet – Maiden name) and Martha Lilian Marshall (Veall – Maiden Name) was my Dad’s Mom. Dad’s Mom went by her middle name Lilian. They were two personalized collages. Thought the family might enjoy a look at these while they are still around.

Marion Hodges

You will notice a predominant New England here.

This was soon after my grandfather died. They had moved from Marblehead to Harwich on Cape Cod when Grampy retired a couple years earlier.

Lilian Marshall

After the Veall sisters sailed over from England in the 1920’s, if I remember correctly, she settled in Toronto.

My only Aunt, Anne Thompson has compiles quite a bit of Marshall and Veall history and has gifted this work to her children.

Because it is not easy to see all the detail I added some close ups in a slideshow format.

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