Valuation Skills Course Invitation

March 25, 2020

Note – At the end of this post there is a course update for April 20, 2020 – Also make sure to download the course syllabus.

If you are a Financial Professional and if you have been looking to learn something new and relevant while we all work through the challenges ahead, I might just have something for you.

Business owners are going through some acute pain right now here in the Pacific Northwest and everywhere else in the United States. I am watching several businesses that have had to shut their doors, lay off employees and adapt to give the business a chance to come back at some point. It is not easy to watch and as a small business owner myself I am also facing the loss of income. We are all facing many unknowns.

Announcing a Valuation Skills Course for Financial Professionals

My partner, Peter Viliesis and I know that Business Owner Planning cannot start without first knowing the Value of the Business. If you the Financial Professional can help your business owner clients and prospects understand the role of valuation and how it can help lead to better decisions then you are going to create more successful outcomes.

But you might not know where to start because you have not spent much time in the discipline of valuation. With that in mind we are in the process of developing a short course for you and we are accelerating the rollout because of current events.

The course will consist of several short instructional videos, a 5 to 10 page printable PDF Guide to Valuation and a homework assignment. We are not charging for this, this is our way of paying it forward. It will enhance the course if you purchase one book for less than $20. It is “What’s Your Business Worth?” – Michael Carter.

At the end of the course you will be able to have a conversation with Business Owners about how knowing the value of their business will help them make better decisions in the pursuit of their goals. You will also be able to get them started on the road to better planning.

More information will be sent to you when you sign up. The syllabus is below. Let’s stay in touch. Complete the information below and then look for the course login information in your inbox.

If you were referred by someone please put their name in the message section. This section is also for questions or comments.

Course Update – April 20, 2020

The course is taking on a life of its own and material will be added beyond the scope of what we originally planned. This has given us a chance to learn better how to communicate the content better. It will continue to be delivered in short lessons so you can more easily digest it.

In addition to the lessons there is now a Resource Page.

Some of the course material will be created in response to questions and observations in your feedback to us. This makes the course better. Thank you to those who have already participated in this way.

Peter and I have been asked if we do joint work and the answer is yes. We believe Partnership is the best way to deliver the solutions to business owners, now more than ever.

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