Fatigue makes cowards of us all.” – This quote is attributed to General Patton and Vince Lombardi. It doesn’t really matter who it came from. In one of our more thoughtful moments I passed this on to Paul to encourage him to get the rest that he needed and so that he might recognize the source of some of his fears while he faced treatment and uncertainty. You might need to sort through the logic for yourself.

The point is, fatigue can amplify problems, make them seem worse than they are and it can heighten fears. In no way should it ever be suggested that the problems are not there. To understand the role fatigue plays in how we perceive the here and now is important.

Understanding fatigue also can give us permission to rest, even in the middle of the day when we think we should be doing something. When we are rested better decisions will result and we are less likely to be frozen by fear.

One final note, there are individuals out there today who cannot get the rest they need. I’m thinking of all of those on the front lines of getting ahead of the virus. All we can do is encourage them as they run the race and in a small way it might offset the effects of fatigue for them.

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