Financial Professionals – Encouragement and a Challenge

I would like to offer a word of encouragement to all Financial Professionals. I also want to offer a word of challenge.

If there was a way to measure the amount of fear in the world it probably would register at all time high levels. Most people I am talking to are a combination of numb and scared. As financial professionals many of us are in the same boat. So much is uncertain because of the combination of not knowing how severe the health and financial impacts will be along with the unknown length of time this will last.

At the other end of all of this we all need to be at our best because our clients will need us to be better than we ever have been. So I want to encourage you take advantage of this moment. Most of us will have some extra time to make yourself better and plan for what you will be doing to help people recover. If your skills and knowledge have getting a little stale now is the time to sharpen the blade. If you’ve been meaning to learn something new now is the time to add to your knowledge, really learn it!

Think about what your clients will need coming out of this. Everyone of us must be different and better because everything has changed. Our message needs to change, our process needs to change and our vulnerability needs to change.

Okay I know that wasn’t much of an encouragement in the way we typically think. But it’s all I have right now.

Here is the challenge. Since people and businesses are going to need us at our best we are going to need to identify the professionals around us who are really good at something we are not. The solutions will come from Teams/Partnerships of financial professionals. We can’t fake it. This is our time to fix what has been broken in financial services. 

So figure out the range of services and products you want to offer and then build that team in anticipation of what will be needed to help people as we emerge from this crisis. Our clients are going to be different. Will we be different in the way they need us to be different?

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