No matter what, everyone of us is going to change over the days, weeks, months and possibly years that see us through to the other side of this current crisis. It is imperative we embrace the change that will happen and to let go of our old way of life. Resisting change only delays the inevitable and adds more risk.

Being willing to expect and embrace change will better equip us for the new world we will be living in after the human race sees an end to the Coronavirus pandemic. The world will different and we will need to be different as well.

What do we need to change?

  • How we define success
  • How we relate to family
  • How we relate to others
  • How we learn
  • Our flexibility
  • Our goals
  • Habits
  • Our relationship to our community
  • Our vision
  • Our plans

This is not an exhaustive list. The point here is that if we are the same after all of this, if we do not change we cannot grow, we will not thrive and will cease to be relevant. Our families, communities and the world need people who are unstuck.

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