September Has Arrived – There are stories to tell

My 2013 summer reading often drifted toward the theme of storytelling and in at least one book, storydoing. Every moment we breath we are either telling our own story or helping someone tell theirs. It is unclear where life will go for me from here and if I will still be obsessed with the universal impact of story a year from now. But for now this idea of story has left a deep impression on me, how I tell my story and how I help my family tell theirs and how in business I help people become conscious of the stories they are telling through what they consume.

This is all new to me, creating a blog, and there will be mistakes along the way. But you can’t learn if you you don’t start. The sky will clear for me and stories will begin to emerge. The days are getting shorter as we approach the fall. The coffee will taste better. See you soon.

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